Is Disaster recovery planning something your business needs to be aware of?

Does my company need a disaster recovery plan? What are the alternatives? Common questions and a brief to do or checklist of how to determine if your company is in need for a business continuity plan, data recovery plan or disaster recovery plan. From the Small, Medium, and Large Businesses one must identify what is right for their business. When planning for Disaster recovery just think of the possible hazards your business can face; natural disasters likes floods or fires, human error, terrorism, hackers or disgruntled employees.

Business continuity in crisis management puts disaster recovery planning efforts on the right track. Where do you turn for the right disaster recovery plan? Business continuity planning and computer disaster recovery require planning and management for all possible contingencies. In a recent survey of more than 200 small businesses conducted by business continuity experts, one quarter of small businesses reported that they do a "poor" job when it comes to implementing a formal disaster recovery program. In addition, 17 percent of respondents admitted to not having formal disaster recovery process at all.


Disaster awareness

Efforts through project initiation helps establish management and staff disaster awareness programs which helps initiate a wide variety of recovery planning and risk mitigation projects. By understanding current environments of your organization your project team will be able to refine the scope of your disaster awareness plan and thus aiding you in the process of weeding out weather or not disaster recovery is something your company should be concerned about.

During project initiation, steering committees are usually established which typically have an overall responsibility for providing direction and guidance to the project team. These committees frequently make important decisions related to any recovery planning efforts. A project manager should work closely with the steering committee to develop detailed work plans and establish schedules for conducting security assessments and an impact analysis.

* Note- a policy to support the recovery programs and an awareness program to educate management or senior individuals is essential to any disaster awareness or project initiation process.

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