Business Continuity and Data Recovery

Keep in mind that business continuity planning should also have numbers and figures to highlight the importance of why a plan is needed. Think of the lost of revenue each day would have, how much productivity would be wasted if there is not a plan in place. With this in mind you can also see how business continuity strategies can help a business save money. Knowing what is key for business continuity, what data is vital and what can wait, will aid the company use the money or resources at hand for the mission critical applications.

Hence plans for your data recovery are extremely important, a strategy that is set and ready to go will aid you greatly in time of a crisis. Sure eventually a company would want to get back to standard operation procedures but with a plan in place the most important and vital applications will be easy to identify and kicked into place. Choose who would be the key communicators for the departments and how would the strategy would fall into place. How long would your business run smoothly during the plans implementation?


Data Recovery Tips

Data loss can be disastrous. Please read through the data recovery tips below. Make sure to be careful when implementing any diagnostics or data recovery utilizes after a significant data loss as they can cause further damage to critical file and file structures if used improperly. This includes Do not change the partitions on your drive or format the drive if you cannot access your data, as this lessens the possibility of successful data recovery.

Important Data Recovery Tips:

  • Do not install any new software after a data loss situation.
  • Always backup all data the minute your computer begins to show signs of a problem.
  • If you have removed your drive, handle it with extreme caution, taking care not to touch any part of it except the edge.
  • Always look at the history of the drive and be able to explain past problems.
  • Turn off your system if you hear the drive making any bizarre noises.
  • If sending the drive out for attempted recovery, package it well in a waterproof container.
  • Any environmentally damaged drive should be packaged immediately in a sealed container.
  • If you are unable to use these data recovery tips to fix or assess your damaged drive, do not try any tricks or attempt recovery.
  • The best data recovery tip anyone can give is to know when to call in the experts!


Evaluate your Business

Another keynote to keep in mind is that practice makes perfect. One should get in the habit of evaluating their business at least on a yearly or semi-annually depending on the expansion size of your business. Perhaps you feel your business is fine for now, a simple evaluation of what you have is always a good ides. Its possible that data which was critical last year is no longer as crucial as your most recent projects.

If you decide you are not properly equipped to handle data lose, hardware or software melt-down or realize your current back up system is not up to par, then Tampa Disaster Recovery Solutions is a highly recommend company to aid you in your quest for business continuity and Data Recovery strategies.