What type of Recovery are you Interested In?

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Types of Disaster Recovery Plans

Recovery Strategies
Identifies the recovery strategies that will achieve the recovery time frame objectives, and their associated costs. These may include hot site subscriptions, quick ship programs, etc.

Recovery Resources
Identifies the resources necessary for recovery of mission-critical operations.

Recovery Vendor Selection
Identifies the vendors with the capability to provide recovery services that allow a business to meet its recovery time frame objectives.

Recovery Strategy Implementation
Implements recovery strategies, and helps negotiate the most favorable recovery service contracts with recovery vendors.

Recovery Plan Development
Develops recovery plans for a wide range of businesses and technology platforms.

Recovery Plan Testing
Tests recovery strategies and plans, e.g., we help plan and conduct a wide variety of physical and logical recovery tests.

Recovery Plan Maintenance
Implements recovery plan maintenance programs.

Standby Recovery Support
Providing standby recovery support for maintenance, and actual emergencies and disasters.


Databases for Recovery

A company should first identify and outline important and critical data for their companies’ business continuity. One needs to categorize important applications and databases for recovery, which contain crucial material and information. Take a step back and look at your business, see what is important for your business and what needs to be recovered, whether it is customer contact databases, billing and consulting quotes or patient records. Crucial documentation varies from business to business.

NOTE: Do not overlook your company email system! Many companies lose sight of the smaller details, which can contain vital/critical data. This too should be implemented in your disaster recovery plan.


Have a Backup System

Next you may want to take note or inventory any hardware on hand. Perhaps you currently do have some sort of back up system (i.e. tape back up, floppy, CD-Rom) that occurs nightly? Weekly? Monthly? A second system? How long could you operate efficiently with out your hardware or software. What is Vital to your business for it to run efficiently? Now if you go through a total system meltdown, hardware-software all information lost including your back up tape, what back up plan do you have in place?

We are here to help, perhaps offer you a solution for your business continuity and disaster recovery. Once you have decided which area service you are most interested in, weather it be software, consulting, strategy implementation or any type of crisis management development the experts at these sites would be able to aid you with templates, software or overall consulting to meet your business needs.