Blogs, Podcasts,
and Business Continuity Planning?

In the article, "Beef up your BCP with blogs, podcasts" Nathaniel Forbes (director of Singapore-based Forbes Calamity Prevention) talks about how digital technology can help in business continuity. Some of the IT-enabled components he discusses are Web sites, blogs, podcasts, conference calls, Emergency Notification System (ENS), dedicated telephone numbers, mobile phones and PDAs.

The basic message is clear, lines of communication are often the first to go during a disaster and disseminating information is imperative during these times. Blogs are particularly good methods of communicating during disaster because messages are feed into RSS readers of subscribers automatically. In addition, feeds can be customized for customers, vendors or other shareholders. Also, the data transmitted thru blogs is often not hosted in the same region as the disaster which almost ensures it will stay live thru the event.


Another interesting means of communicating is thru the use of podcasting. This is such a new technology that the benefits could be questioned. Mr. Forbes suggests that "Employees can listen via their PCs and carry the instructions with them on their MP3 players, too". During a disaster this seems somewhat unlikely but as this technology matures it may become more realistic. And with the cost of developing a podcast (close to nothing) it seems foolish to not at least consider this option regardless of any current benefit.

The article goes on to discuss the use of mobile technology, pre-established phone numbers, and Emergency Notification Systems. But the message is clear; Technology can be an effective means of improving your BCP (business continuity plan). Businesses that put these IT-enabled components to use stand a better chance at a smooth transition between disaster and recovery.

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